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  Across the United States, construction on new freeways, lane additions, and bridges clog traffic. With more people and vehicles on the road, the rush hour is now three hours long. So what are city planners doing about it? In the nation's capital, home to some of the worst congestion, traffic modelers are working on solutions to the problem. From understanding human behavior to designing intelligent highways, the modelers are working to make your commute easier. Producer Richard Paul brings the science of traffic modeling, in a language you will understand.
Photo: Rush hour on the Capitol Beltway - view from a traffic cam  
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Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
News and information from the Department of Transportation Planning about travel and air quality in the nation's capital.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project
A multi-billion dollar construction project to ease one of the worst bottlenecks in the U.S.

Maryland State Highway Administration
Everything you need to know about Maryland highways.

Applied Technology and Traffic Analysis Program
An initiative to decrease traffic congestion in the state of Maryland.

Traffic Waves
See how traffic flows on highways with the moving animation on this site.

The American Highway: The History and Culture of Roads in the United States by William Kaszynski
The development of highways from wagon trails to interstates.

Moving beyond Gridlock: Traffic and Development
by Robert T. Dunphy, Deborah L. Brett
Strategies to decrease traffic jams in urban areas.

Traffic Jam was produced by Richard Paul and was funded by the National Science Foundation. Archival footage was supplied by the Internet Moving Images Archive (at Irene Sanders is the author of "Strategic Thinking and the New Science: Planning in the Midst of Chaos, Complexity and Change" published by The Free Press.