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  Multi-year droughts are an accepted part of life in the Southwest. The summer of 2002 was the worst drought in Arizona in nearly a century. Will the next year be any different? Water is Gold explores the role of climate modeling and the effects of the extreme drought on people, livestock, policy makers and the economy. Find out, if modelers can predict future droughts? Why is the tropical Pacific Ocean important in understanding the droughts in the Southwest? What role do long-range climate models play in assessing drought conditions? Learn how modelers are constantly improving their understanding of the forces and conditions that create climatic and weather events. Producer Lex Gillespie brings the science of climate modeling, in a language you will understand.
Photo: Rancher trucks water to his cattle at the Flying M ranch  
National Center for Environmental Modeling
This National Weather Service center provides information on climate modeling and predictions and includes the latest model for

Drought Information Center
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides information on drought monitoring, climate modeling and links to drought conditions in states such as Maryland.

SAHRA, (Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas) is developing an understanding of the hydrology of semi-arid regions, and building partnerships with a broad spectrum of stakeholders so that this understanding is effectively applied to the management of water resources and to the implementation of public policy.

National Drought Policy Commission
Learn how the U.S. government handles drought management, read the National Drought Policy Act of 1998 and explore links to drought resources.

Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly and the Politics of Thirst
by Diane Raines Ward
A look at the politics behind vanishing water resources worldwide.

Drought Assessment, Management, and Planning: Theory and Case Studies
by Donald A. Wilhite
This book discusses the concept of drought and examines drought policy worldwide.

Climate System Modeling
by Kevin E. Trenberth
A comprehensive and interdisciplinary study of climate modeling and what these models mean to the future of the planet.

Water is Gold was produced by Lex Gillespie. The Sound Engineer was Jared Weisbrot. Special thanks to Arizona Public Radio's Sadie Babits and Greg Garfin at the University of Arizona's Institute for the Study of Planet Earth. This program was funded by the National Science Foundation.