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  The radio documentary series What If: Models, Predictions, and Scenarios explores modeling; the mathematical simulations that scientists use to understand the intricate world we live in. With these models scientists hope to forecast trendsand events in many fields from the economy to natural disasters.

Soundprint goes behind the scenes to learn, what are models? why are they important? what goes into them? what are their forecasts? In Water is Gold we look at climate modeling and drought, then at traffic modeling and your commute in Traffic Jam and in Guns and Butter we find out how war and your confidence factor into economic forecasting. We will return to these stories in a few months to see how the forecasts fared but in the meantime you can hear the programs and learn about models on this website.
Photo: The Southwest looks for rain and a break from the drought  
HOST - Barbara Bogaev

The Soundprint radio documentary series has been on the air for fifteen years and is the longest running documentary series on public radio. This has been due to the tremendous support of listeners across the country for the distinctive sound, style and quality of Soundprint documentaries. Recognition for our work has also come from the judges of many award committees. Over the years Soundprint has won almost every major award from the AAAS to the Peabody. A complete listing of awards can be seen here at Soundprint Awards  
Producer Richard Paul worked for thirteen years at WAMU-FM in Washington, DC, as Special Projects Producer and Producer for the national talk program "The Diane Rehm Show" before going freelance. He has won the Gold Medal, 1997 New York Festival's International Competition, Bronze Medal, 2000 New York Festival's International Competition, CPB Gold Award 1995, the Gracie Allen Award 1997 and AIR Awards 1993, 94, 96, & 97.

Producer Lex Gillespie has been a Washington-DC based freelance radio producer for the past twelve years. He is the shared winner of awards from DuPont-Columbia and Peabody for his work on the Smithsonian Institution series for PRI "Black Radio: Telling Like It Was." His production credits include documentaries on the first Juvenile Court in the US; the music of the Andes; and a history of the 1918 flu epidemic. He was the Associate Producer on the Smithsonian's "Jazz Singers" series.
Barbara Bogaev is well known to listeners of the popular NPR program Fresh Air with Terry Gross, where she serves as a contributing host. For that program she has interviewed a wide range of guests, including actors, musicians, authors, journalists and comedians. Barbara has a special interest in science reporting. Her thorough and entertaining conversations have helped audiences understand everything from string theory to the evolutionary biology of sex.

Barbara's playful curiosity, personality, and storytelling gifts are a perfect complement to SOUNDPRINT. She is a voice of intelligence that public radio knows and trusts. She brings a compelling new perspective to our program, and serves as a warm, engaging guide for our listeners

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