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June 15, 2024
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Every Tree Tells A Story
Produced by: Judith Kampfner
Urban forests provide economic, social and cultural value to neighborhoods and cities. But what are the needs and expectations different ethnic and racial groups have for green space? And how does understanding those needs draw tighter communities? Producer Judith Kampfner compares the cities of New York and London, and the approach new and old ethnic racial and immigrant groups have towards green space. This program airs as part of our ongoing series, Tales from Urban Forests.

Photo of Max's cement square from the revitalized New York City park.

Program Credits

Every Tree Tells a Story was produced by Judith Kampfner, for SOUNDPRINT's Tales from Urban Forsets. the editor was Sora Newman, and the show was mixed by Jared Weissbrot. This program originally aired as part of the series "Tales from Urban Forests", with support from the USDA Forest Service.


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