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April 13, 2024
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Cities of the Plain
Produced by: William Drummond
Urban forests in desert settings -- no, this is not about transferring Central Park to L.A. Arid environments have their own "green" cover, and cities destroy and ignore that vegetation to their peril. Veteran producer Bill Drummond travels out West from mountains to shore to ask: when are trees beneficial and when are they not? This program airs as part of our ongoing series, Tales from Urban Forests.

Program Credits

'Cities of the Plain’ was produced by William Drummond. It airs as part of the series: Tales from Urban Forests.


Tales from Urban Forests
Listen to more of this special radio series to learn about how trees are impacting a city near you.

Check here for information on wildfire research, prevention, and reports from the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Geological Survey.

Global Wildfires
Real-time information on current fire status and early warning across the world.

Global Climate Change: Research Explorer--The Exploatorium

Tree: A New Vision of the American Forest
by: James Balog 2005
Acclaimed photographer James Balog explores the changing character of the American forest, seeking out superlative trees—the old, the massive, the tall—in whatever landscape they remain. You see immense portraits of sequoias and redwoods as no human has ever viewed them, captured in thousands of tiny frames as Balog rappels down a neighboring tree.

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Programs by William Drummond

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