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Producers' Guidelines
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June 15, 2024
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Producer's Guidelines
We at Soundprint seek documentaries of substance. We call Soundprint the aural equivalent of photojournalism. We like stories which engage the listener's mind, imagination and heart. We encourage the creative and inventive use of sound to develop a contemporary art of story telling.

The Soundprint Style

Our programs range from the hard investigative to the evocative experiential documentary. Since its start in 1988 Soundprint has aired stories that

  • investigate issues which need to be brought to public attention
  • tell stories of the human experience which deepen the understanding of life
  • promote cross-cultural understanding and illustrate the global connectedness of many issues
  • profile influential people in the world of ideas and the arts
  • use the sound medium as an art form to engage the listener's imagination and enhance the telling of a story

After listening to Soundprint, we want the listeners to feel it was the best way they could have spent their time. We want them to learn something new, gain a fresh perspective, be entertained, think more, feel more, and when appropriate, be moved to act.

SOUNDPRINT serves as an umbrella vehicle for the works of independent and station based producers, and provides public station programmers with a journalistically dependable series which they can schedule with confidence. Because the subjects and the production styles are wide ranging, the series is refreshingly unpredictable. Our host Barbara Bogaev is the familiar voice framing each Soundprint production.

The Soundprint Production

Just as each program is unique there are many ways we work with producers. In general...

  • We acquire programs already produced
  • We provide funds to complete works
  • We work with producers as an editor does with a writer in developing new works. We discuss concept and technique, review scripts and, if necessary, bring producers to WAMU's state of the art facility to mix the final production. Soundprint has final editorial responsibility for each program.

Therefore, fees are negotiated individually. Soundprint is not a program fund. You need not submit a budget with a proposal. However, we do need to discuss exceptional expenses such as travel, translation and actors.

Proposal Submission Guidelines:

If you have a story for Soundprint, send us a one to two page description of your program idea.

  • In your treatment clearly outline the central concept, the main characters and the storyline.
  • Tell us how you will develop the story line, describe the characters, interviews, sound elements.
  • Tell us why is this story important? Tell us what impression you want to leave with the listeners, what will they have learned or experienced?
  • The easiest way to organize your piece is to think of scenes as in motion pictures. If you have taped sounds or characters for your story do send us a sample of this sound.
  • A production schedule
  • A cassette, DAT or CD sample of your prior work is helpful in evaluating your proposal. However, if you have not worked in radio but are a writer or have worked in another medium, do pitch us your idea. We are interested in bringing new people into radio production.  We may be able to link you with another producer who could work with you in producing the program.

Submitting Proposals to Soundprint

If you would like to submit your proposal online, please fill out this form or you can mail, fax, or e-Mail your proposal to:

Soundprint Media Center
300 Thomas Drive Suite #4
Laurel, MD 20707

Fax: 301-317-6794
E-Mail: producer@soundprint.org

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