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May 19, 2024
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When the Snow Melts on Svalbard
Produced by: Irene Quaile
Snowy peaks, untouched wilderness as far as the eye can see -- the Svalbard archipelago, at 79° North, is a focal point of the world's Arctic research. Polar regions play a key role in regulating our climate. The are also the most sensitive to change. Just 750 miles from the North Pole, scientists from all over the world monitor what's happening to our climate and how changes affect life on our planet. Join Radio Deutsche-Welle producer Irene Quaile, as she tours Koldewey Station in the Svalbard archipelago as part of Pole to Pole, an international media celebration of the International Polar Year, produced with support from the National Science Foundation.

Program Credits

When the Snow Melts on Svalbard airs as part of Pole to Pole, an international media celebration of the 2007-2009 International Polar Year, produced with support from the National Science Foundation, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Deutsche Welle Radio, Radio New Zealand, and the SOUNDPRINT Media Center, INC.


Doomsday Seed Bank
Worried about losing your crops forever due to flooding and other natural disasters from global warming? The Svalbard Global Seed Vault has enough space to house seeds feared to be at risk of extinction.

Welcome to Svalbard
A guide to vacationing in Svalbard.

Climate Change in the Artic
Even school children are getting a first hand look at the effects of global warming and are inspired to do more about it.

International Polar Year
This site is dedicated to the use of cutting edge science to explore and interprete the wide range of the physical and biological issues of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Arctic Research Station Gallery
Have a look at what life is like for researchers and scientists studying climate change near the North Pole.

Pole to Pole Gallery
A gallery showing different ‘Pole to Pole’ research sites.

Svalbard Passage
by: Thomas Kirkwood, Geir Finne 2000
An interesting fictional book set in during the Cold War Era.

The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World
by: Steven Kazlowski, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nelson, Charles Wohlforth, Daniel Glick 2008
Photographic essays about the dangers face from global warming: Their loss of habitat.

The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook
by: David de Rothschild 2007
As the official companion volume to Live Earth concerts, the handbook helps one stop climate change and gives instruction with living through it.

Svalbard: Spitsbergen, Franz Josef Land, Jan Mayen: The Bradt Travel Guide
by: Andreas Umbreit 2005
The guide gives background information to the climate and geology of the region. It also ofers a provides a range of sports among other things.

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