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May 19, 2024

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Pole to Pole Image Gallery

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The Lake E team.

The flags from countries represented on the Lake E team.

The DOSECC drilling platform at Lake E.

Bubbles in the ice on Lake E.

Aurora Borealis over the Anadyr mountains.

Aurora Borealis over the Lake E camp.

Lake E camp at night.

A transport truck at Lake E.

During some down time, the Lake E team built an Igloo.

Thankfully no one was hurt when a backup generator failed at Lake E.

Standing near the rim of the Lake E crater in the Anadyr mountains.

Back in Pevek, our first sign of green life.

L-R:Volker Wennreich, Pavel Minyuk and Julie Brigham-Grette, outside the historic Lake E hunting shack.

Relaxing in the Sun. L-R: Soundprint's Jared Weissbrot, and scientists Julie Brigham-Grette,Volker Wennreich and Kristina Brady.

Soundprint hard at work.

Inside the historic Lake E shack, supplies are preserved through the years.

Lake E driller hard at work.

The Lake E team.

L-R: Kristina Brady, Julie Brigham-Grette, and Addie Holland at a statue in Pevek.

There are three times more reindeer in Chukotka than people.

McMurdo Station Chapel.

A 'Mat Track' in front of the Crary building in Antarctica.

A cargo plane from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo.

A sundial at McMurdo, Antarctica.

The Barne Glacier in Antarctica.

Norm Philips(L)and Kris Haper(R)

University of Wisconsin Antarcticans

IGY Reunion

Crarey(L) with Harry Wexler. Final Briefing: AA Discipline Chiefs, LAS. February '57.

L-R: Fr. V. Linehan, Trev Hatherton and Harry Wexler.

Harry Wexler(R) with other scientists. 1957.

Harry Wexler with his camera on the 'Big Ice'. McMurdo Sound. January '57

Harry Wexler & Capt. Bill Dickey(background right) on a boat trip to LAS. January '57

Harry Wexler in front of Volcano Boulder on Crater Hillo. November '57.

Harry Wexler reading memos. LAS, January '57.

Harry Wexler(R) standing on Ice by the sea.

Harry Wexler at McMurdo. November '58.

L.Gould and Harry Wexler at Scott Camp in Cape Evans, February '57.

Harry Wexler with L.V. Berlinerat in Little America. November '58.

Harry Wexler in Little America, Antarctica. February '57

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