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June 15, 2024
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Global Perspectives is an international radio documentary exchange series that addresses topics that impact our planet. The partners in this collaboration are Radio Netherlands, CBC (Canada), Radio New Zealand, ABC (Australia), Radio 3 (Hong Kong), BBC (UK) and SOUNDPRINT. Each year we bring together stories that offer unique perspectives and thoughts on a single theme that affects those near and afar across land, air and sea. The themes range from global economics to global warming. To hear what the rest of the world thinks, check out these programs...

The World of Crime Series

Join us for a gripping look at crime taking place around the globe, from identity theft in England, to gangs in Hong Kong, to women being trafficked in the Netherlands. The series embarks on a multi-dimensional exploration of crime including the forces that drive crime, the interplay between perceptions and reality, and cutting-edge rehabilitative programs for offenders.

Romance Series

From the do's and don'ts of dating to unprotected sex to cross cultural relationships. Join six international broadcasters as they bring us stories of Romance from across the globe.

Check-up on World Health Series

A provocative look at health care around the world. Aging issues, life and death matters, public policy and personal decisions. We have more in common with each other than we realize. SOUNDPRINT offers a health "check-up" in a groundbreaking global collaboration of the world's best documentary producers. Tune in for a screening of health issues from around the globe.

Looking for Home: Portraits of Refugees

For many refugees, home has two meanings - what they left, and where they are. Some will never go back, but find it difficult to create a new home. Others must go back, but would prefer to stay. And then there are those who settled, and their children or grandchildren, raised in the new country, are considering returning. Seven international broadcasters present portraits of refugees who are looking for home.

Faces of Globalization Series

Hear personal stories exploring the faces of globalization in every day life - in five programs from Radio Netherlands, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Hong Kong, and U.S. independent producers, including Lisa Simeone, Chris Brookes, Judith Kampfner, and Rob Hilton.

Nature in the Balance Series

Across the globe, nature and the modern world engage in a constant game of tug of war. In this radio documentary series Nature in the Balance, we examine the roles of the environment, human progress and the quest for a balance between conservation and development. Today, islands battle rising ocean waters, nations struggle to preserve the natural world and countries cope with climate change. In these six programs, discover how environmental forces and modern life are changing the face of our planet.

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