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April 13, 2024
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Schokland - The Island on Dry Land
Produced by: Michele Ernsting
In the middle of Dutch wheat fields, miles away from the sea rises the little island of Schokland. In the never-ending tug of war with the sea, the Dutch rescued the island from the sea by building one of their famous polder dikes. The island soon bustled as a farming community and a tourist spot. Now the island is sinking, and Radio Netherlands producer Michele Ernsting reports that in a dramatic reversal of their old policy, the Dutch have decided to flood the land around it - to keep Schokland afloat. This is part of our special international collaboration called Global Perspective: Nature in the Balance.

Program Credits

Schokland - the Island on Dry Land was produced by Michele Ernsting of Radio Netherlands. It originally aired as part of the international collaboration Global Perspectives:Nature in the Balance.


Netherlands, Schokland and Surroundings
This site features photographs of Schokland and other UNESCO World Herritage Sites.

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An encyclopedia of information on Holland's fight to reclaim land from the sea.

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by: Michelin Travel Publications 2004
A guide to the culture and towns of the country.

Dams and Dikes in Development
by: Hans van Duivendijk, Cees-Jan van Westen, Westen C. J. van, Bart Schultz (Editors) 2003
Proceedings of the Symposium at the Occasion of World Water Day, 22 March 2001.

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