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December 10, 2023
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McDonaldization of Hong Kong
Produced by: Hugh Chiverton
Hong Kong is know as a city where time is money and money is everything. But it's also, arguably, home to the best Chinese food in the world, the origin of a cuisine as rich and subtle as that of France or Japan; so why do so many locals choose burgers, pizza and fried chicken when they want a meal out? Does that mean they're becoming more like Sydney-siders, New Yorkers and Parisians? Radio Hong Kong's Hugh Chiverton talks to the man who brought fast food (and queueing) to Hong Kong, and hears how Hong Kong is selling it right back to America.

Program Credits

The McDonaldization of Hong Kong was produced by Hugh Chiverton of Radio Hong Kong. It originally aired as part of the international collaboration Global Perspectives:Faces of Globalization.


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