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September 28, 2023
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Produced by: Sarah Passmore
Leung Kwok Hung, or “Longhair” as he is better known, has been an active Marxist for forty years. His political activism has led him to be jailed on several occasions and yet in recent years he’s found enough support in traditionally conservative Hong Kong to have been elected as Legislator, not just once but twice, the second time increasing his votes. His headline grabbing antics, such as throwing bananas and breaking rice bowls in the Legislative Council, are both frowned upon and cheered by the public and his uncompromising stance on everything, from what he wears (Che Guevara t-shirts) to what he believes, is very far from the norm for a Hong Kong politician, yet not only does his popularity grow, but his campaigns are slowly but surely making a difference. In “Longhair” Radio Television Hong Kong’s Sarah Passmore finds out more about the man who has won the hearts of Hong Kong.

Program Credits

Longhair was produced by Sarah Passmore of Radio Television Hong Kong.


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