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December 10, 2023
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Living in Limbo
Produced by: Jenny Cuffe
Almost weekly there are stories in the British press about backlogs in the UK asylum system, and the pressure this puts on asylum seekers. No-one in the UK is more marginalised than asylum seekers who have not had their applications accepted, but not been asked to go, sometimes for as long as 8 years. Jenny Cuffe meets Collen, who thinks his 4 years of asylum claims and appeals may be at an end, but is too frightened to return to Zimbabwe, and Thomas, who is from Eritrea, who doesnít know yet if he can stay in the UK after originally claiming asylum as a teenager 7 years ago. In Living in Limbo, Jenny Cuffe investigates the impact of this long wait on their lives, when you donít know for so long whether you are staying or going.

Program Credits

Living in Limbo was produced by Jenny Cuffe.


Still Human, Still Here
The 'Still Human Still Here' campaign is dedicated to highlighting the plight of tens of thousands of refused asylum seekers who are destitute in the UK. It also has links to different supporter websites.

UK accused over asylum seekers left to live on $1 a day
A recent report warns many failed asylum seekers are living with no housing or financial support. Many failed asylum seekers are living on less than "a dollar a day" with the UK Government doing little or nothing about it.

Refugee Council
The Refugee Council is the largest organisation in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees to ensure their needs and concerns are addressed.

Maternity Care For Asylum Seekers
by: Lesley Briscoe 2009
Studies show if you are Black African or an asylum seeker in the UK, you have a six times greater chance of dying from conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth than if you are White. Within this context, understanding what happens during maternity care to individuals who are newly arrived is of paramount importance.

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