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December 3, 2022
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Feet First
Produced by: Eve Troeh
In late August of 2009, an arsonist started a fire that burned more than 160,000 acres in the mountains around Los Angeles County. Known as the Station Fire, it was one of the largest fires in the community's history. Flames reached reported lengths of 300 to 400 feet, and it took more than six weeks to fully contain the blaze. The mountains have long been home to pockets of residents, from miners to nature lovers, but in recent decades neighborhoods like La Canada and Flintridge have boomed with large housing developments. Some residents in the fire zone knew and accepted the risks of living there, but many had no idea they were living so near to danger, or thought they could defend their property. Five months after the Station Fire, residents faced massive mudslides as historic storms washed the unanchored earth down the hills and into their homes. Despite all these troubles, many residents simply won't give up on their properties, and the lifestyle they symbolize. Producer Eve Troeh follows families who evacuate and still return, and the fight they have with public officials who want to shut the neighborhood down.

Program Credits

Feet First was produced by Eve Troeh.


Fire Gallery
Spectacular but unfortunate pictures of a Station Fire in Los Angeles

International Association of Arson Investigator
This non-profit organization aimed at improving the professional development of fire and explosion investigators by being the global resource for fire investigation, technology and research.

Ubiquity: Why Catastrophes Happen
by: Mark Buchanan 2002
Ever wondered why Earthquakes, Forest Fires and even Traffic janms occur? According to Buchanan, it all boils down to science and what he describes as the "critical state" we human beings have woven ourselves into.

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