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September 28, 2023
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Traffic Islands:Dividing Lines
Produced by: Gemma Hooley
Traffic Islands: Dividing Lines This documentary explores the collective narrative created by people whose lives intersect in different ways with traffic islands and streetscapes. From a scientist trying to rationalize urban wildlife patterns, to a man who makes a living on the street corner, to people who use the streetscape to memorialize loved ones: what they have in common is that they map out private parts of their lives on the public traffic grid. We'll hear about this traffic island life in stories from the medians, as part of the international documentary collaboration, Global Perspectives on Islands.

Program Credits

Traffic Islands:Dividing Lines was produced by Gemma Hooley. This program is part of the international documentary collaboration, Global Perspectives on Islands.


Sean Mullsteff Teen Driving Foundation
Our Mission is to Save Teen Lives!

No Man is an Island
A satirical article about being marooned on a Broadway traffic Island. "The Fed" is Columbia University's alternative newspaper.
Where the Washington area's poor earn and give their two cents.

PBS Online NewsHour
Across the country, homeless people are working for newspapers that deliver news about life on the street to the homeless and the general public. With roughly 3.5 million homeless people in America, these "street newspapers" provide important information about poverty and new ways to combat it. Terence Smith looks at the challenges behind the Washington, D.C. paper, Street Sense.

Concrete Island
by: J.G. Ballard 1994
A London architect is driving home from work when his car swerves and crashes onto a traffic island lying below three converging motorways. Fortunately, he is not injured. He climbs up the embankment to find help, but no one will stop for him.

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