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December 3, 2022
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Citizenship Diary
Produced by: Judith Kampfner
How many stars and how many stripes and what do they mean? You need to know this and many more flag questions to pass the US Naturalization test. Judith Kampfner recorded an audio diary about the process of becoming an American citizen, and about what it was like taking on a second identity. Was it a betrayal of her British roots? Or was it a very logical step to take for someone who thinks of herself as in internationalist? Many more people are becoming dual or multiple citizens today as more countries accept the idea - Mexico, Columbia and the Dominican Republic for instance. Does this dilute the concept of citizenship? Indeed perhaps we are less likely to identify ourselves as citizens today because we are part of a global culture and travel more. Kampfner discovers that going through the paperwork, the test and the ceremony does not help her feel American - that is something she and all the others who are processed have to do for themselves.

Program Credits

Citizenship Diary was produced by Judith Kampfner and mixed by Jared Weissbrot.


Becoming an American citizen
Learn the essentials on becoming an American citizen.

Marriage for Papers
Navy sailors are invloved in scam marriages to grant Russian and Ukrainian girls citizenship in exchange for monetary benefits.

Allegiance to the Queen
Take a look into the swearing ceremony of the British citizenship ceremony

German citizen test 'too hard'
The German citizenship exams have been critized for being too hard, even for Germans

Becoming a U.S. Citizen: A Guide to the Law, Exam, and Interview
by: Ilona Bray 2006
A guide to U.S. citizenship. It includess an analysis of eligibility; and tips on getting through the interview.

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