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December 10, 2023
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Mediums, not Rare
Produced by: Frank Faulk
It's a small village in the rolling hills of southwestern New York. Perched on the edge of a tranquil lake, it's a place where a stranger is made to feel welcome. The friendly people who live here are doctors, teachers, accountants, artists. Plain folks -- who talk to the dead. Welcome to Lily Dale, the home base of Spiritualism -- a uniquely "made-in-America" religion in which communication with the dead is both possible and desirable. Founded in 1879, Lily Dale is North America's oldest community of Spiritualists and Mediums. With its roots in the radical and socially progressive movements of the late 19th century, it began as a summer campsite for all who shared the Spiritualist vision of universal equality and harmony. The tents and temporary shelters that dotted the grounds soon gave way to permanent homes, and today Lily Dale has a population of over 400. During the summer months, Lily Dale attracts over 20,000 visitors. They come for workshops, seminars, and lectures on communicating with the dead. It was a natural for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producer Frank Faulk. His documentary is called Mediums, Not Rare.

Program Credits

Mediums Not Rare was produced by Frank Faulk of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It airs as part of the international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.


Lily Dale
An establised spiritual home base for spiritual communications with those that have passed on since 1879 in New York.

National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC)
The largest organization of Modern Spiritualism in the United States of America.

Fox Sisters
The Fox sisters of Hydesville, New York are believed to have popularised the Spiritualist Movement after proving to their community their power to talk to the dead.

Heaven and Hell
by: Emanuel Swedenborg 2000

When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits
by: Mary Ann Winkowski 2007
A consultant for the hit show, "Ghost Whisperer", Winkonwski has been helping spirits trapped on earth for over 50 years and gives an insight into how we can understand the spirits still in our midst.

Into the Light: Real Life Stories about Angelic Visits, Visions of the Afterlife, and Other Pre-Death Experiences
by: Lerma, John 2007
A rare look at the collectives experiences of patients and their outlook at the afterlife including their experiences with God from different cultural and religious perspectives.

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