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December 3, 2022
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Escape To New Zealand
Produced by: Halina Ogonowska-Coates
Warnings of global warming and climate instability are widespread in 2008. Issues relating to the human influences on the global climate and the imminent likelihood of rising sea levels, the death of ancient forests, droughts, widespread agricultural failure, the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the West Antarctic have set many on a path to find ways to escape these changes. For some, the dire planetary predictions have influenced them to become active environmental refugees, seeking a home on some part of the planet where the global changes can, perhaps, be weathered. In Escape to New Zealand, Radio NZ's Halina Ogonowska-Coates talks to four environmental refugees about their experiences in dealing with the issues facing our planet. This program airs as part of the international documentary collaboration, Global Perspectives: Escape!

Program Credits

Escape to New Zealand was produced by Halina Ogonowska Coates for Radio New Zealand, with technical assistance from Matt Thomson. This program airs as part of the international documentary collaboration, Global Perspectives: Escape!


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