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December 3, 2022
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Little Fish in a Multiculti Pond
Produced by: David Swatling
Not very far from Amsterdam is a neighborhood called the Baarsjes, or “little fish”. The area covers less than one square mile, and houses 35,000 residents from 126 countries. Such multicultural diversity in such a small area has not been without serious problems. Controversy and discrimination are not uncommon in the area. The most recent debate surrounds plans to build a new Turkish mosque. But residents believe they can make a difference by taking initiatives to bring these diverse communities together - through meetings, sport and cultural events. Producer David Swatling of Radio Netherlands takes to the streets of his neighborhood to find out just how much is changing for the “Little Fish in a Multiculti Pond.” This program was produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide as part of our special Global Perspective series on belief.

Program Credits

Little Fish in a MultiCulti Pond was produced by David Swatling of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. This program airs as part of our international Global Perspective series on Belief.


De Baarsjes
A nice complete summary of the emerging city that was once known for signs prohibiting the smoking of marijuana in public in and around Mercatorplein.

An article about integration in the Netherlands,specifically De Baarsjes.

Children paint Beauty in the Baarsjes
A display of art painted by children in De Baarsjes

UnDutchables: An Observation Of The Netherlands,Its Culture And Its Inhabitants
by: Laurie Boucke 2005
A humourous look at quirks of Dutch culture

by: Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2007
The story of a woman whose life has been affected by race relations in The Netherlands. At the same time, her story impacted the government and citizens of the nation as well.

When Ways of Life Collide: Multiculturalism and Its Discontents in the Netherlands
by: Paul M. Sniderman, Louk Hagendoorn 2007
Discusses the interaction between Muslim and western communities in the Netherlands

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