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December 3, 2022
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Vietnam Blues
Produced by: Christina Antolini
Vince Gabriel is a Maine-based blues musician who's written an album of songs chronicling his experience in the Vietnam War. In this program, Vince takes listeners chronologically through his time in Vietnam, with his music leading us into stories about getting drafted, arriving in the jungle, what combat was like, the loss of his closest friend, the relief of finally returning home, and his reflections on the legacy of Vietnam today. Vince's stories give listeners an almost visceral sense of what it's like for those on the front lines. Though it is an account of a war that took place years ago, Vince's observations feel disturbingly immediate and poignant. Producer Christina Antolini brings us the "Vietnam Blues."

Program Credits

Vietnam Blues was produced and edited by Tina Antolini, with assistance from Rebecca Miller, Karen Brown and the Advanced Media Center at Hampshire College. If you enjoyed Vince’s music, and you’d like to hear some more, visit his website at


Battlefield: Vietnam
A brief history of the Vietnam War...

Blind Albert
Vince Gabriel, our documentary subject, fronts the band, Blind Albert, with blues and rock influences.

Everything We Had: An Oral History of the Vietnam War
by: Al Santoli 1981
Thirty-three American soldiers recount the Vietnam War in their own words.

The Vietnam War: Day by Day
by: John S. Bowman 2001
A chronological account of the Vietnam War detailed with photos and maps.

Vietnam War in Songs, Poems, and Stories
by: H. Bruce Franklin 1996

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