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November 26, 2022
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Children and God
Produced by: Richard Paul
The three major monotheistic religions operate from the assumption that: We have the truth, we have a privileged position, we are above others who do not believe as we do, and we are against others who do not believe as we do. This line of thinking creates strong communities of people with deep, abiding faith. But the dark side of these ideas can be seen in Srebrenica, the West Bank and the World Trade Center. The religious person learns concepts like "God" and "My Religion" at the same time as concepts like "Green" and "Family." By preadolescence, these ideas have been planted quite deeply. This program takes a look at the results by following three 12-year olds - an Orthodox Jew, a Muslim and an Evangelical Christian -- as they pursue their religious education. We hear the songs they sing, the prayers they chant, the lessons they read and how their formal and informal training drives them to believe that, because of their religion, they have a special and exclusive relationship with God.

Program Credits

Children and God was produced by Richard Paul. Special thanks to Rabbi William Rudolph of Congregation Beth El in Bethesda, Maryland and Michael Easley, former pastor of Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Virginia. Portions of the interviews were originally used in the program "With God On Our Side", produced by the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies.


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