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December 3, 2022
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Try Not to Breathe
Produced by: Lea Redfern
It happens more than once, but you can't quite see his face. Sometimes, the sound of the wind outside your bedroom window turns into a tuneless but determined whistle. Then the robberies start. Therese (not her real name) takes it very seriously. She reports each incident to the police, and investigates herself. She comes to the conclusion that she is being stalked. Months later, the man she suspects is in court - and irrefutably linked to her break-ins - but do the charges reflect his crimes? Producer Lea Redfern of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation follows this complex story, interviewing several women who are watching this case carefully, and hoping for justice. This program is part of our international documentary series, Crossing Boundaries.

Program Credits

Try Not to Breathe was produced by Lea Redfern of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The engineer was Russell Stapleton. It originally aired as part of the international documentary exchange series Crossing Boundaries.


Night Stalker rapist gets life in jail
A London cab driver who went on a 17- year sexual assault spree gets 27 years in jail.

Australia's Criminal Code (Stalking) Amendment Act 1999—Act No. 18 of 1999
The new amendment includes Cyber Stalking.

Law and Justice in Australia: Foundations of the Legal System
by: Prue Vines 2005
Learn the historical approach to Austrlia's justice system.

Obsession: The FBI's Legendary Profiler Probes the Psyches of Killers, Rapists, and Stalkers and Their Victims and Tells how to Fight Back
by: John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker 1998
As the founder and head of the FBI's Investigative Support Unit Douglas, with the insight on how criminals think and his compassion for victims, tells us how to protect ourselves from predators in our midst.

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