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December 10, 2023
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The Spanish Room
Produced by: Chris Brookes
This is not a Big Important Story. It's a small whimsical story about finding the unexpected in your own backyard - in this case the existence of a Spanish dance company pulling standing-room-only crowds in a place more often known for its Celtic music and dance traditions. Producer Chris Brookes presents a portrait of El Viento Flamenco, Newfoundland's only professional flamenco troupe.

Program Credits

The Spanish Room was produced by Chris Brookes The members of El Viente Flamenco are Evelyn Benais, Sean Harris, Bob Sotherby, Adam Staple and Alex Schwartz. Also heard were St. John's folklorist Philip Hiscock and the St. Pat's Dancers. Concert recordings by Terry Windsor and Greg Dodd.


Flamenco World
This site offers an encyclopedia of flamenco artists, and audio links to listen to the latest flamenco music.

El Viento Flamenco
Learn more about this Canadian flamenco group.
A massive collection of flamenco and Spanish culture, from books and music to apparel.

Pure Flamenco- Camaron de la Isla
This site, offered in English and Spanish, provides a biography, images, and discography of the flamenco singer Camaron de la Isla, also known as Jose Monge Cruz.

Flamenco: Gypsy Dance and Music from Andalusia
Claus Schreiner (Editor) Reinhard G. Pauly Madeleine Claus

Anthology of Flamenco Falsetas
Ray Mitchell

Flamenco: Passion, Politics and Popular Culture
William Washabaugh John Gledhill (Editor) Barbara Bender (Editor) Bruce Kapferer (Editor)

The Wind Cried : An American Discovery of the World of Flamenco
Paul Hecht

Paco de Lucia: A New Tradition for the Flamenco Guitar
Paco Sevilla

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