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December 3, 2022
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Produced by: Richard Paul
It seems we all love to hear revenge stories -- the petty ones and the grand -- even when they are painful or the recipient is blameless. And we seem to love to tell revenge stories about ourselves -- even stories that make us look childish or venal. Revenge visits the unspoken dark place where revenge impulses lie through the stories of people who have planned revenge and those who have carried it out.

Program Credits

"Revenge" was produced by Richard Paul. The music was composed and arranged by Lenny Williams. We would also like to thank Christie Emden, Director of Public Relations at PARADE magazine. Laura Blumenfeld's book, "Revenge: A Story Of Hope" is published by Washington Square Press.


Immanuel Bible Church
Visit the church of Dr. Michael J. Easley, who was interviewed on our program.

Adas Israel Congregation
Find out more about the Congregation and their Senior Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wolhberg who was interviewed for our program.

The Tariq Khamisa Foundation
TKF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to "stopping children from killing children" and breaking the cycle of youth violence.

Revenge: A Story of Hope
by: Laura Blumenfeld 2002
Blumenfeld narrates a personal quest for her father's killer. This journey is a compelling tale of vengeance and the discovery of hope along the way.

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