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December 3, 2022
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Dream Deferred
Produced by: Soundprint Staff
Each year 5,000 refugee children arrive in the U.S. penniless and alone, seeking asylum and freedom. A third are locked up - some alongside violent offenders. Many are deported back to traumatic home situations. The U.S. government does not provide them with lawyers, yet whether they can stay legally is decided in court. Dream Deferred follows two of these children, Juan Pablo from Honduras and Jimmy from Punjab, India. Why did they leave? What dreams are they chasing? How did they get here and where are they today?

Program Credits

Dream Deferred was produced by the Soundprint Staff with reporter [hard G] Gillian Karp, Field Producer Anu Yadav, and Audio Engineer Jared Weissbrot. This program originally aired as part of the international collaboration Global Perspectives, Looking for Home.


Global Perspectives: Looking for Home
This edition of Global Perspectives, entitled 'Looking for Home' explores the theme of immigration and the impact of an ever-changing global landscape on people's lives.

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