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December 3, 2022
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A View From the Bridge
Produced by: Joe Richman
John Hockenberry
Thecla Mitchell is a triple amputee. For her, running in a marathon means finding complete physical existence within one wrist, one elbow and one set of fingers. Henry Butler is a blind jazz pianist, but through photography, Henry has found a meeting ground for the sighted and the sightless. Producer John Hockenberry, who is himself mobile in a wheelchair, has been a war correspondent, reporting from the field. He and associate producer Joe Richman show us what the disabled learn from living in a fundamentally different way -- where daily adventure is a part of life.

Program Credits

A View from the Bridge is a Soundprint Classic, written by John Hockenberry. It was produced by Joe Richman and recorded by Manoli Weatherall. The studio engineer was Dave Patchkey, with music composed and performed by Henry Butler.


disABILITY Information and Resources
This site contains many links to disability information, from exercise equipment, to medication, to legal resources.
A comprehensive collection of disability related information and resources.

Henry Bulter
The Web site of the pianist/photographer, who is now in New Orleans. Look at his pictures he took of the Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina.

Coping with Limb Loss
by: Ellen Winchell, Robert H. Phillips 1994
A practical guide to successfully living with amputation.

Families, Disability, and Empowerment
by: George H. S. Singer,Laurie Powers 1993
Active coping skills and strategies for family interventions.

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