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December 3, 2022
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Songs of the Humpback Whales
Produced by: Lisa Busch
Robert Woolsey
They are among the largest mammals on earth, but also among the most invisible: humpback whales are an enigma to scientists who can't observe much of their underwater activities. To unlock the secrets of humpback behavior, researchers have turned to sound to hear what they cannot see. Join us on an underwater visit to the whales on their feeding grounds near Sitka, Alaska. The remarkable sounds discovered there are causing scientists to forge new theories about whales and why they sing.

Program Credits

Songs of the Humpback Whales is a SOUNDPRINT classic, produced by Robert Woolsey and Lisa Bush at the Writers' Block in Sitka, Alaska. Special Thanks to Mary Baker at Raven Radio, KCAW-FM. The program aired with support from the National Science Foundation.


National Ocean Service
Find more information about our oceans and coasts.

Hawaii Whale Research Foundation
Explains and illustrates the natural history and behavior of the humpback whale through numerous photographs. Includes contact information.

Gentle Giant: At Sea with the Humpback Whale
by: Tsuneo Nakamura 1988
Through stunning color photography, see the humpback whale as he swims through the aquamarine depths off Hawaii, above & below the water's surface.

125 Fun Facts about Humpbacks: Discovering Humpback Whales of Hawaii
by: Paul H. Forestell, Gregory D. Kaufman 2006
This easy-to-follow guide takes you on a humpback whale adventure of fascinating facts and educational anecdotes about this energetic and friendly marine mammal.

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