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February 5, 2023
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Produced by: Gemma Hooley
Wendy Thompson
For many, nylon stockings provided a gossamer symbol of hope against the backdrop of the deprivations of WW II. Big band music and old-time radio conjure up the days of the wartime black market, smuggling, and nylon-bearing American troops who depict the contrasts between war-torn Europe and life back home. Producer Wendy Thompson gathers some memories of nylons from both sides of the ocean: nylons patented, coveted, smuggled and improvised, through the war and beyond.


Alex Blake
Alex Blake: fine hosiery online

L'eggs Women's In.Site
We're about lifestyles, having fun and dealing with issues that we all face; and then of course we've got great products. Each week we're adding new articles and features to keep the content fresh. We

No Nonsense Legwear Direct
Welcome to No nonsense

Protecting Panythose
Protecting Panythose

Wallace Carothers, Inventor of Nylon
Wallace Carothers, Inventor of Nylon

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