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April 19, 2024
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Grandmother's Seeds
Produced by: Neenah Ellis
Thousands of varieties of plants are rapidly disappearing in the United States, especially non-hybrid types of garden vegetables. These are called heirloom varieties, and they're difficult, if not impossible, to buy from commercial sources. The seeds are instead often passed from gardener to gardener, often in families, and they represent an irreplaceable genetic heritage that is being lost. Producer Neenah Ellis examines the reasons these seeds are disappearing and the efforts underway to preserve them.

Program Credits

Grandmother's Seeds was produced by Neenah Ellis.


Seedsaving and Seedsavers' Resources
Learn how to buy and trade heirloom seeds. See what seedsaving books have been published and what organizations support seedsaving.

Victory Seed Company
Check out their newsletter, a history of gardening, tips of the trade and an online catalogue of seeds and products. They pledge that none of their seeds are genetically modified.

Non-Hybrid Seeds for Your Garden
Purchase your own non-hybrid seeds and plant a variety of vegetables and beans in your backyard.

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