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February 22, 2024
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Keysville, GA: Old Dreams, New South
Produced by: Dan Collison
On January 4, 1988, 63-year-old Emma Gresham became the first black mayor - the first mayor in half a century- of Keysville, Georgia. She won the election over her opponent by 10 votes. In the town courthouse, on a trailer mounted on cinderblocks, a banner reads: Justice Knows No Boundaries. It's a constant reminder of both the town's troubled history and the dreams the mayor has for the town. In this small, mostly black, southern town, Emma Gresham employed education, patience, and political action, along with her famous biscuits, to realize her dream of a better life for her constituents. Producer Dan Collison takes us to Keysville for a look at the struggle for survival in the town that time forgot.

Program Credits

Keysville, GA: Old Dreams, New South was produced by Dan Collison. The show was mixed by Jared Weissbrot.


Georgia Magazine
A feature article on Emma Gresham, mayor of Keysville.

Long Haul Productions-Place Portraits
Visit Dan Collison's website and listen to more of his "place portraits."

Listening Projects- Keysville, Georgia
Part of a larger initiative, teams of "listeners" entered Keysville with a goal of bringing peace to the community.

The Burden of Power- Monday August 7, 1989
Time Magazine article about Emma Gresham's work in Keysville

A Voting Rights Odyssey: Race and Voting Rights in Georgia
by: Laughlin McDonald 2003
Discover the role race has played in politics of the American south.

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