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February 22, 2024
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Produced by: Joe Richman
Gibsonton, Florida is the retirement and off-season home for hundreds of carnival and circus show people. Called "Gibtown" by many of its residents, the town was at one time considered the oddest place is America. You could walk into any restaurant and find The World's Only Living Half Girl sipping coffee with her 8 foot 4 inch husband, Giant Al. They, along with The Lobster Man, Alligator Skin Man and the Monkey Girl, among others, made their living touring with carnival sideshows. The sideshows are mostly gone. We take a look back at sideshows through the lens of Gibtown.

Program Credits

Gibtown was produced by Joe Richman.


a documentary portrait of Gibsonton, Florida, the retirement and off-season home of thousands of carnival and circus show people.

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