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February 22, 2024
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First Words
Produced by: Kate Howells
Prompted by the early efforts of her son, Kate Howells of the British Broadcasting Corporation set out to discover how we go about learning to talk. Do all babies start off with the ability to speak any language? Why are the words 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' so similar in every language? What goes on in a baby's mind and mouth before he is able to produce his first words? Linguists and psychologists share their experiences.

Program Credits

First Words was produced by Kate Howells of the BBC. It originally aired as part of the documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.


Sign with your Baby
Learn how to communicate with hearing infants before they can speak...

Language and Speech Development
Resources on how children develop language, how language acquisition can be promoted, and how to recognize problems as well as baby bilingualism...

Babies Can Talk At Six Months, Study Shows
Parents who boast that their babies started talking at the age of six months may not be exaggerating...

Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences, A Parent's Complete Guide to Language Development
by Kenn Apel, Janet Gallant
Learn how language develops from birth to age five and how media, culture, and gender affect language acquisition.

Amazing Babies
by Beverly Stokes
Understand communication, learning and movement development in the first twelve months of life.

Baby's First Words: A Sign and Say Interactive Language Book
by Meredith Layton, Brad Anderson (Illustrator), Sharon Goodwin (Illustrator), David Nester Photography Staff (Photographer)
Teach your baby signs and words at the same time.

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