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February 5, 2023
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The Education of Charles 67x
Produced by: Askia Muhammad
Debra Morris
The political philosophy of Black Nationalism, which maintains that African Americans can govern themselves in their own nation, has deep roots in Chicago. Journalist Askia Muhammad returns to Chicago to explore his grounding in Black Nationalism. As editor of the Nation of Islam's newspaper 20 years ago, he learned a great deal about Black Nationalism at Elijah Muhammad's dinner table in Hyde Park.

Program Credits

The Education of Charles 67X is a SOUNDPRINT classic produced by Askia Muhammad and Debra Morris.


The Nation of Islam
History, issues, and events related to the Nation of Islam in America.

Elijah Muhammad
This site offers information about Elijah Muhammad, and other African American Pioneers.

Black Nationalism
Learn more about the complex set of beliefs emphasizing the need for the cultural, political, and economic separation of African Americans from white society.

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