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September 28, 2023
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D-Day Diaries
Produced by: Neenah Ellis
June 6th, 1944 dawned unlike any other day in history. Three million Allied soldiers prepared for months to cross the English Channel and liberate Europe. All along the coast of Normandy machine guns, mines, booby traps and obstacles awaited the invading army. Thousands lost their lives that day. Many more were wounded. The story of D-Day is best told in the words of the soldiers who lived through the landing, words gathered from letters, books and diaries. These are their memories.

Program Credits

D-Day Diaries was produced by Margaret West and Neenah Ellis. We'd like to thank actors Stevie Ray Dallamore, Kevin Dickstra, Ron Johns, Nick Newland, John Radolavick, Rob Ran, Rob Robinson, Taki Tellaneedis, Craig Wallace, Tom West, Foster Wiley and Chuck Young. Our thanks also go to Peggy O'Brien of the Folger Theatre in Washington DC, Christopher and Susan Coch, and Jim Smith of Muddy Hole Studios. The studio engineer was Robin Wise.


The National D-Day Memorial Foundation
This group has established and maintained a memorial to the Allied forces who fought on D-Day in Bedford, Virginia, the home of many of those men.

National D-Day Museum
The National D-Day Museum in New Orleans offers a window into history for everyone to discover the valor of the troops who won World War II.

American Experience: D-Day
PBS's site from the American Experience series features letters GIs sent home, photos of aerial maneuvers, timelines, maps and more.

D-Day on the Web
A history buff offers this directory of informative websites about D-Day.

Voices of Valor: D-Day, June 6 1944
by: Douglas G. Brinkley, Ronald J. Drez 2004
Two CDs of recorded testimony from World War II veterans accompanies this volume of photographs and text from leading historians.

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins : A World War II Soldier (My Name Is America)
by: Walter Dean Myers 1999
Myers captures nicely the shift from the fraternity and the boredom of life on the base to the terror and confusion of D-Day...

Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest
by: Stephen E. Ambrose 2001
This book takes us along on Easy Company's trip from grueling basic training to Utah Beach on D-day, where a dozen of them turned German cannons into dynamited ruins

D-Day June 6, 1944 : The Climactic Battle of World War II
by: Stephen E. Ambrose 1995
This book relies on over 1,400 interviews with veterans, as well as prodigious research in military archives on both sides of the Atlantic

Eyewitness D-Day
by: D.M. Giangreco, Kathryn Moore, and Norman Polmar (Editor) 2004
Beautifully illustrated with photos, maps, and sketches, this book offers an accurate and interesting account of June 6, 1944 landing at Normandy.

The World War II Memorial: A Grateful Nation Remembers
by: Douglas Brinkley, Foreword by John Eisenhower 2004
Published in conjunction with the national World War II memorial on the National Mall, this book commemorates the sacrifices of

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