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December 10, 2023
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Curanderismo: Folk Healing in the Southwest
Produced by: Maria Martin
In an age of high-tech, highly specialized medicine, the ancient healing arts of Curanderismo are an attractive alternative. When they are ill, Mexican-Americans in the southwestern states often prefer to visit the curandero-- the traditional healer-- who uses herbs, aromas, and rituals to treat the ills of their body, mind and spirit. It is a much more personal approach to treating illness -complex, but not necessarily scientific- and one that modern health care professionals in the region are now exploring, and in some cases embracing as a healing tool.

Program Credits

Curanderismo:Folk Healing in the Southwest is a SOUNDPRINT classic, produced by Maria Martin.


Folk Medicine in Hispanics in the Southwestern United States
Provides information about the origins and applications of Hispanic folk medicine.

The Handbook of Texas Online
An article on Curanderismo detailing the different types of healers and practices.

Curanderismo and the DSM-IV:
A lengthy article on the implications of Curanderismo.

Curanderismo: Mexican American Folk Healing
by: Robert T. Trotter,2nd, Juan A. Chavira 1997
This is the first book to describe the practice from an insider's point of view, based on the authors' three-year apprenticeships with curanderos (healers).

Latino Folk Medicine: Healing Herbal Remedies from an Ancient Tradition
by: Anthony M. DeStefano 2001
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Anthony DeStefano unlocks the secrets of traditional herbal medicine in Latino communities.

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