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November 26, 2022
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Making a Home for Refugees
Produced by: Esther Armah
In 'Making a Home for Refugees' BBC producer Esther Armah reports from Hull in the north east of England. Traditionally Hull has had only a very small ethnic community numbering some 300 Chinese, so there was considerable suspicion when the local council agreed to accept around 250 Iraqi Kurds, under the British government's dispersal programme. In fact between 1,500 and 3,000 arrived in the city, as a result of a deal done by private landlords. Initially there were incidents of violence and racial abuse, even today there are occasional attacks. But as Esther discovered, despite lingering prejudice, there is a growing acceptance of these refugees and asylum-seekers. This program airs as part of the special international collaboration series Global Perspectives: Looking for Home.

Program Credits

Making a Home for Refugees was compiled and presented by Esther Armah of the BBC. It was produced for the BBC’s World Service by Gillian Gray, and originally aired as part of our international collaboration, Global Perspective: Looking for Home.


Hull City Council
Provides information abouth the government of Hull

The Kurds: People without a country
Encyclopedia Britannica provides information on the Kurds' ongoing struggle for an independent state, complete with biographies of important figures and a timeline of the past century's struggles.

The Kurdistan Observer
Read the latest news and commentary by and about Kurdish people around the world.

Kurds in Hull
An article from The Guardian that describes the immigration of Kurds into the city of Hull.

Global Perspectives: Looking for Home
Soundprint's ongoing collaboration with radio partners from around the world brings you Global Perspectives: Looking For Home, exploring the impact of global immigration.

Kurdish Family
by: Karen O'Connor, Rick Moncauskas (Photographer) 1996
The illustrated story of a Kurdish refugee family who makes a new home in California.

A Thousand Sighs, A Thousand Revolts: Journeys in Kurdistan
by: Christiane Bird 2004
Acclaimed journalist Christiane Bird tells the story of the Kurds from Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey, uncovering the heart of their struggle.

A Modern History of the Kurds
by: David McDowall 2004
McDowall traces Kurdish history from the nineteenth century thought the present and outlines the challenges the Pan-Kurdish unity movement faces.

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