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December 5, 2022
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Young People Against Heavy Metal T-shirts
Produced by: Lea Redfern

This program is a parody, listen to it before you complain

Young People Against Heavy Metal T-shirts (YPAHMTS) is a grass roots organization determined to fight the perception of young people's moral decline as epitomized by Heavy Metal T-shirts...Or is it? In 1992, Matthew Thompson decided it was time to fight back. He aimed to give the media a different image of youth, one that was disciplined, ordered and strong. From a single letter to a tabloid newsletter, YPAHMTS was born. However, when YPAHMPTS developed into a media juggernaut that threatened to run him over, Matthew discovered how difficult it could be to argue a sophisticated message in an era of sound bites.

Program Credits

Young People Against Heavy Metal T-Shirts was produced by Lea Redfern of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The program originally aired as part of the international documentary exchange series, crossing boundaries.


Character Counts
This association of schools, communities and organizations promote character education for today's youth based on trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, care and citizenship.

Truth in the Media
An organization devoted to interpreting the news accurately and completely for all readers.

Ethics of the Modern Teen
Explore the preliminary results of the 2000 "Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth" and decide whether today's youth are in a state of moral decline.

Right from Wrong
by: Josh Mcdowell, Bob Hostetler
A look at how today's society rejects morality.

Blaming Children: Youth Crime, Moral Panics and the Politics of Hate
by: Bernard Schissel
A discussion of whether moral decay of today's youth is a reality.

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