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September 29, 2023
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The Long Distance Patient
Produced by: Judith Kampfner
In the high tech world of NASA and the military, the concept of remote medical consultations from the isolation of an orbiting space craft or a ship on international patrol has been accepted and well-known for some time. But telemedicine also plays an increasingly important role in the lives of ordinary people. This program explores the increasingly common use of video links and telemetry to treat patients in isolated or difficult locations, where ordinary consultations with specialists would require long expensive journeys to far away cities. From the original Flying Doctors in Australia to the treatment of inmates in high security jails, telemedicine has dramatically changed the way many of us interact with our physicians.


Science Daily
This NASA press release describes telemedicine technology and its applications.

Telemedicine Information Exchange
An international exchange of information of Telemedicine.

American Telemedicine Association
The leading advocate for better access to healthcare for patients and doctors through telecommunication technology.

E-Health, Telehealth, and Telemedicine: A Guide to Startup and Success
by: Marlene M. Maheu, Ace Allen, Pamela Whitten 2001
A resource on how communication technology can transform healthcare.

The Potential of Telemedicine: A Guide to Assessing Telecommunications for Health Care
by: Institute of Medicine Staff, Edited by Marilyn J. Field 1996
This book suggests a method for evaluation of different telemedicine practices.

Telemedicine Primer: Understanding the Issues
by: Jim R. Reid 1996
A basic guide to understanding telemedicine and its implications.

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