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December 3, 2022
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Magic Box
Produced by: Richard Paul
Today, the computer in the classroom is ubiquitous. But how did it get there? Was it an organic process, or was it driven by manufacturers looking for a new place to push their machines? Turns out it was a little of both - altruism and profit. Hear from the people who started it all; the teachers who were the very first to use computers in the American classroom, and the salespeople who put them there.

Program Credits

The Magic Box was produced by Richard Paul. Many of the old movies heard in this program came from the collection of Skip Elsheimer (ELZ-heimer) who acquired many films from schools that had to make room for new computer labs. Special thanks to Michael Olson of the Stanford University libraries, Kathleen Brantley of Market Data Retrieval Corporation, and Elisabeth Kaplan & Carrie Seib of the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota. Doug Noble's book "The Classroom Arsenal" is published by Falmer Press.


Computer History Museum
This museum preserves artifacts and stories of the information age, documenting the evolution of technology.

The Classroom Arsenal: Military Research, Information Technology, and Public Education
by: Douglas D. Noble 1991

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