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September 29, 2023
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24 hours on the Edge of Ground Zero
Produced by: Jad Abumrad
What was life like around the perimeter of Ground Zero in the months following September 11th? Beginning at 7 am on December 12th, 2001, Jad Abumrad and Sesh Kannan collected conversations, stories and sounds between the perimeter and Nino's restaurant, a 24 hour eatery open only to rescue workers. 24 Hours on the Edge of Ground Zero explores the landscape that has become disaster area, tourist attraction and shrine. The program paints a compelling portrait: the rescue workers as they take a break, the visitors and tourists who come to stare and take photographs, the evangelicals, the street vendors, the police officers and those who were left behind. As you travel through the 24 hours, it becomes clear that the situation itself resists summary.

Visit the 24 Hours website for more video and audio clips, personal diaries and images from the trip to Ground Zero.


Audio, Video, Images and Personal Diaries captured on the edge of Ground Zero in New York.

New York City Guide
Cruise through Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The Encyclopedia of New York City
by: Kenneth T. Jackson, Editor. 1995
With more than 4,000 entries, find out everything about New York City from A to Z.

New York September 11
by: Magnum Photographers, Steve McCurry Ed. 2001
A collection of images documenting the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Above Hallowed Ground
by: Christopher Sweet, Desitor 2002
Detective Dave Fitzpatrick was driving to work when heard the news on his car radio of the attack on the World Trade Center. He boarded a police helicopter at Floyd Bennett Field, and within minutes, Fitzpatrick and his colleagues were in the skies almost alone: Air traffic around the country had been grounded. In a situation both breathtaking and surreal, the lone photographer snapped aerial shots of the Twin Towers' collapse. This pictorial brings together 278 images that Detective Fitzpatrick took that day and subsequently at the devastated terrain of Ground Zero.

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