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December 10, 2023
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Get A Life Coach
Produced by: Natalie Kestecher
When Alan was told to get a life, he decided to go one better. He got a Life Coach. What exactly is a Life Coach, this new kind of ultimate personal trainer? As one coach describes it: "Coaching is not therapy. In therapy you talk about how to throw the ball. In coaching, you throw it." We'll join Alan as he works with his Life Coach-to improve his flirting skills-and meet other coaches and their satisfied clients. We'll even learn how to become a coach and sit in on a telephone training session. And producer Natalie Kestecher just might convince us, in this sly production from the Australian Broadcasting Company, that it's time to sack that shrink and get a Life Coach instead. This program is part of our ongoing international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.

Program Credits

Get a Life Coach was produced by Natalie Kestecher of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It originally aired as part of the international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.


Yahoo! Life Coaches
Provides a comprehensive list of life coaches on the net

Life Coaching For You
Finda therapist who helps you reach your life goals.

Life Coach Training
Become a life coach!

Take Time for Your Life: A Personal Coach's Seven-Step Program for Creating the Life You Want
by: Cheryl Richardson, Edited by Lauren Marino 1999
A quick guide to gaining control, increasing your energy, finding balance and creating the life you want. Includes exercises, checklists, advice, client success stories, personal anecdotes, and resources.

The Portable Coach: 28 Sure-Fire Strategies for Business and Personal Success
by: Lorraine C. Enos 2002
Thomas J. Leonard, Byron Laursen
Provides the principles to improve your career, relationships and life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by: Stephen R. Covey 1999
Author Stephen Covey presents an easy approach to solving personal and professional problems.

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