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December 3, 2022
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Remembering Kent State 1970
Produced by: Mark Urycki
When thirteen students were shot by Ohio National Guard Troops during a war demonstration on the Kent State University Campus on the first week of May 1970, four young lives were ended and a nation was stunned. More than 30 years later, the world at war is a different place. However, those thirteen seconds in May, 1970 still remain scorched into an Ohio hillside. Through archival tape and interviews, Remembering Kent State tracks the events that led up to the shootings.

Program Credits

Remembering Kent State was produced by Mark Urycki with assistance from John Burnell. It first aired on WKSU-FM, Kent, Ohio.


Vietnam: Echoes of War
An interview with John Filo, the photographer responsible for the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of Mary Vecchio crying over a dead student's body.

Vietnam: Echoes of War
CNN looks back at the events at Kent State on May 4, 1970.

May 4 Collection
A collection of photographs taken at Kent State by Chuck Ayers.

The Picture from Kent State
An explanation of how the most famous image from the Kent State shootings came to be.

Four Dead in Ohio: Was There a Conspiracy at Kent State?
by: William Gorden 1995
A look at the Kent State shooting and the suspected conspiracy.

Stop This War!: American Protest of the Conflict in Vietnam
by: Margot Fortunato Fortunato Galt 2000
A social history of the protest by United States citizens against the Vietnam War, from the days of the first American involvement in Vietnam in the early 1960s through the 1970s.

13 Seconds: A Look Back at the Kent State Shootings
by: Philip Caputo 2005
Thirty-five years after the shots at Kent State were fired, the author of A Rumor of War looks back on that terrible day, discussing his own emotions, the nature of political discourse and civil disobedience, and what happened to those who were there and how they live with the pain and anger that remain.

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