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December 10, 2023

     Global Perspectives

Produced by: Sena Atoklo of Joy FM

A look at the increasing theft of mobile phones. Big business in Ghana, and with links to the UK - some phones stolen in the UK find their way all the way to Ghana. Join us as we go on the trail of Ghana's mobile phone thieves.

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Gadget makes cell phone theft more difficult-Wireless
Scientists have invented a device that makes it harder to steal mobile phones and laptops.

Internet Safety: Chat safety - Cell (Mobile) phone safety
Basica tips to Protect you and your cell phone.

Wired News: Camera Phone Has Life After Theft
After having his camera phone stolen a man takes matters into his own hands.

Perpetual Contact: Mobile Communication, Private Talk, Public Performance
by: Mark Aakhus 2002
"This book studies the impact of the mobile phone on contemporary society from a social scientific perspective."

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