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December 3, 2022
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My Life So Far
Produced by: Teresa Goff
Neil Sandell
Lindsay Michael
The story told by the young people of Alert Bay, a remote island on the west coast of Canada, is both familiar and unique. Like most people who come of age in a small community, Alert Bay’s youth is torn between staying and venturing into the bigger world. What’s unique about their story is the struggle to keep their culture alive. Alert Bay is the home of the Namgis First Nation. At one time it was Canadian government policy to assimilate its aboriginal people, and suppress their language and culture. St. Michael’s Indian Residential School, now derelict, serves as painful reminder of the past, as do the stories of the community’s elders. My Life So Far was created from tape gathered by five young people from Alert Bay, aged 11 to 17. Two CBC producers loaned them recording equipment, gave them some training, and a simple task. They were asked, tell us about where you live. Tell us about your life.

Program Credits

My Life So Far was produced by Teresa Goff, Neil Sandell and Lindsay Michael.


1. Village of Alert Bay
Information on this little island community. Includes area attraction and accommodations.

Alert Bay, BC - Home of the Killer Whale
Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada is a center of native culture and native art as well as orca whale watching, fishing and ecological tours

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