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December 3, 2022
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Watching the Trees
Produced by: Nick Franklin
I'm siting in a park looking at the trees. Above me attached to a lamp post there's a camera watching trees. Another camera is pointed at other people who also may be looking at trees. The cameras are running 24/7. I know this because there's a council sign near the camera telling me so. Behind me there's another larger council sign warning that tree killers face a fine of $1 million . I read that a couple of times: $1 million? Yes, they really mean $1 million. In Sydney, a city with some of the highest real estate prices in the world, a tree blocking a water view can reduce the value of a property by $200,000. Against a background of increasingly desperate council measures to stop tree poisoning, "Watching the Trees" explores how humans' relationships with trees continues to evolve as the green movement engages with real estate in the 21st century.

Program Credits

Watching the Trees featured Counselor Robin Kellies of Sydney city council. Blackwattle Bay residents Michael Foster , Bill Mason, Ray Shipton, and Rex Banks. Historians Shirley Fitzgerald and Max Solin. Beth Buchanan, David Lawrence, and Rachel Davidson of the Rozel Bay Native Nursery. Cristina Anthony of Ray White Real Estate, and Allen Fery and Melina Amira Singer of Oaklyn Foray and Fauna conservation society. The readings were by Lee Refin, Danny Maratoss, and Kevin Claire. Sound Engineering by Russell Stapleton. And the program was produced by Nick Franklin


Tree Management
The city of Sydney gives an overview of its tree initiatives and views on its maintainance.

The Black Wattle
Learn important facts about the Black Wattle.

Tree Benefits
Still not sure if that tree is an eye sore and a sight to see? Looking at the benefits of trees can help you decide.

Seven large city trees found poisoned
Seven 70-foot-high trees along the trail at Northeast 77th Street in a Seattle park were poisoned by injecting herbicide into holes drilled into their trunks.

National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees of North America
by: Bruce Kershner 2008
A guide with stunning images of North America's trees. It has special emphasis on leaves, bark, fruit and flowers for easy identification.

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