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December 10, 2023
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Money in the Family
Produced by: Lisa Simeone
Peter and Lauren Roberts have three children and a dog. They are all intelligent, animated, thoughtful, and unafraid to disagree with each other. As Canadians who have lived in Africa and in the United States, they are in the unique position of being outside observers of the American scene as well as participants in it. For financial reasons, they have decided to move back to Canada this year. We'll follow them through the Spring in America as they prepare to leave, documenting how they face particular financial burdens and decisions -- paying for music lessons for one of the kids, throwing a birthday party for another, deciding on schools, finding tuition fees, getting glasses for their daughter, selling their house. They have a lot to say about how they've been spending money and about how Americans spend money in general.


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Who's Minding Your Money?: Financial Intelligence for Canadian Investors
by Sandra E. Foster Explains the options and choices for managing money in the Canadian financial world.

Money Talks: Candid Conversations about Wealth in America
by Robert Koppel Interviews with more than 30 Americans show the complicated and conflicting attitudes toward money in society.

Escape from America
by Roger Gallo Chronicles the growing trend of Americans to move abroad including opportunities available and the financial advantages of moving.

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