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December 10, 2023
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Biblically Correct Tours
Produced by: Frank Faulk
If you walk through a natural history museum these days, you might see signs that reflect our more "politically correct" reality. For instance, the word "humankind" often replaces "mankind" on the placards. But a Christian movement aims to take museums beyond politically correct to what they refer to as "biblically correct". CBCs Frank Faulk explores "Biblically Correct Tours" which offer a literal, Biblical interpretation of everything from what fossils tell us about evolution, to the disappearance of the dinosaurs. One of the guides teaches children that evolution is "bad science" and that answers to questions concerning where we came from can be found in the book of Genesis. This program was produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as part of our Global Perspective series about belief.

Program Credits

Biblically Correct Tours was produced by Frank Faulk of the Canadian Broadcasting Association. It airs as part of our special Global Perspective Series on Belief.


Group Challenges Science on 'Biblically Correct' Tours
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The official site of Biblically Correct Tours, urging you to think B.C., not P.C.

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Evolutionism and Creationism
by: Ben Sonder 2006
A look at the history of the debate between evolution and creationism.

The Genesis Files: Meet 25 Modern-Day Scientists Who Believe in a Six-Day Recent Creation
by: Carl Wieland 2004
Interviews with scientists who believe in creationism

Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools
by: Eugenie C. Scott 2006
A book opposing creationism in education

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