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December 10, 2023
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The Lucky Secret to Success
Produced by: Erin Bowland
Many Hong Kongers believe that a personís success is governed by five factors. These are, in order of importance: fate/destiny, luck, feng shui, good deeds/virtues, and hard work/study. For the city thatís known for its competitive business culture, assiduous students, and industrious people; it seems surprising that hard work comes at the bottom of the list and more importance is attributed to external factors facilitating success. So are Hong Kongers successfully lucky or luckily successful? Erin Bowland of Radio Television Hong Kong explores the culture that is full of superstitions, rituals and beliefs revolving around the pursuit of success. This program was produced by Radio Television Hong Kong as part of our Global Perspective series on belief.

Program Credits

The Lucky Secret to Success was produced by Erin Bowland of Radio Television Hong Kong. It originally aired as part of the special international collaboration, Global Perspectives on Belief.


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