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December 3, 2022
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Treasure on Earth
Produced by: Kofi Owusu
Ghana’s charismatic church offers material wealth to its believers. This troubles Kofi Owusu of Joy FM, who while a committed believer in the church, is uncomfortable with the requests for the congregation to make offerings. What is preached is Prosperity Gospel is God will make you rich, but first you must give generously to your church. Some of the pastors in Ghana’s charismatic church are very wealthy. So what is going on here? Is there any control of how the pastor spends the money given to his church? Kofi seeks to learn why the church is emphasising material gain rather than spiritual growth. The resulting program is ‘Treasure on Earth’. This program was produced by Joy FM Ghana and is a part of our special Global Perspective series on belief.

Program Credits

Treasure on Earth was presented by Kofi Owusu of Joy-FM in Accra, Ghana. The studio producer was Kate Howells. This program airs as part of our international Global Perspective series on Belief.


Overview: Pentecostalism in Africa
A summary of the involvement of Pentacostals in Africa throughout history.

Provides news from Ghana and also a link to listen to JOY FM, on which this program first aired.

The Birth and Effects of Charismaticism in Ghana
Documents the establishment, history, and outcomes of charismatic churches in Ghana.

African Charismatics: Current Developments within Independent Indigenous Pentecostalism in Ghana
by: J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu 2004
Discovers the history behind the charismatic church and exposure to African spirituality

African Christianity: Its Public Role
by: Paul Gifford 1998
Compares churches in different African countries in the context of the social, economic, and political events of the mid 1990s

West African Religious Traditions: Focus on the Akan of Ghana
by: Robert B. Fisher 1998
Explanation of West African religious traditions

Religious Itinerary of a Ghanaian People: The Kasena and the Christian Gospel, Vol. 102
by: Allison M. Howell 1997
Outlines changing beliefs of Christianity in Northern Ghana

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