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September 28, 2023
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The Reason I'm Here
Produced by: Jane Farrow
Over a four year period from 1988 to 1992, a serial rapist terrorized Calgary, Alberta. He was known as the Hemlock rapist. On June 20th, 2005, the rapist pled guilty, almost 17 years after the first attack. It was on that day, too, that his four victims met and spoke with each other for the first time. In Canadian courts, the names of sexual assault victims are kept secret for two reasons: To encourage women to step forward freely, and to shield them from public scrutiny and judgment. But in the Hemlock case, two women insisted that the publication ban on their names be lifted. In so doing, they join a mere handful of victims of sexual assault who have chosen to go public with their stories. The two other victims chose to maintain the ban. One is too traumatized to speak at all. Producer Jane Farrow of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation presents a story about three women, raped by the same man. Three women who made very different decisions - privately and publicly - about how to deal with the attack on their bodies and their lives. This program airs as part of our special international collaboration, Global Perspectives: The World of Crime.

Program Credits

The Reason I'm Here was produced by Jane Farrow of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The editor was Karen Levine, and the executive producer was Lynda Shorten. This program originally aired as part of the Soundprint series Global Perspectives: The World of Crime.


Statistics|Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
The National Crime Victimization Survey includes statistics on reported and unreported crimes in America. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes, with more than half still being left unreported.

BBC News|World|Africa|Congo Rape Victims Seek Solace
"The war in Congo, estimated to have killed three million people and involving armies from seven different countries, is coming to an end. But, as United Nations troops move into areas previously ravaged by war, the true horror of what was wrought on the population is now emerging."

Rape Victim Advocates
RVA is an Illinois not-for-profit organization made up of many individuals with two primary goals: to assure that survivors of sexual assault are treated with dignity and compassion; and to affect changes in the way the legal system, medical institutions and society as a whole respond to survivors.

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I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility
by: Trisha Meili 2003
For the first time since the brutal assault in 1989 -- a crime that stunned New Yorkers, the nation, and the world -- the Central Park Jogger reveals her identity and tells the story you haven't heard.

Sexual Assault: Will I ever fell okay again?
by: Kay Scott 1993
Kay’s confidence in the mysterious and wonderful work of God invites the reader to experience life-changing hope in the face of the darkest deed perpetrated against the soul.

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